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If you’re ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day), then here’s everything you need to know about setting up a private consultation with me.

First, let me tell you exactly what’s included:

Prenatal to 3 months 

The Prenatal to 3 months Package is designed for expecting parents who want to get off to a good start right from day 1 with their little one!  Scheduling our consultation in the last month of pregnancy is ideal.  I will educate you and your partner on the important of sleep – especially for newborns, what a “typical” schedule might look like with your newborn, how to establish a Feed, Play, Sleep pattern from the start, and make some goals for our little one’s sleep.  While newborn sleep is generally not well organized, there are still routines and healthy sleep habits we can start instilling in our child from birth.

What’s included?

-A customized sleep plan for your newborn

-A 1 hour consultation in order to explain the plan and go over any questions

(Can be done in person or via Skype or telephone)

-One follow-up phone call (usually after baby arrives)

-One follow-up phone call when baby is 3-4 months

Investment: $250

*If by 10/12 weeks of age baby has not developed some self-soothing strategies and parents are wanting more support, we can transition to the Baby Package for a discounted rate of $145.

Baby package (4 months- 18 months)

The Baby Package is for babies 4-18months of age and my support is provided over a thre-week period.  So much change is happening during these months!  This is when a true schedule emerges and consistency is the key for both naptimes and bedtime.  Day time sleep is commonly undervalued but are so important for the growth and development of our babies.  I will educate you on how long your baby can stay awake before becoming overtired and how many naps they should be taking at what age.  Eliminating sleep props now and teaching baby to fall asleep on their own will set us up for a healthy sleep schedule as we move into the more active toddler stage!

What’s included?

-Initial questionnaire to better get to know your baby

-A customized sleep plan for your baby

-A 1 hour consultation in order to go over the plan

(Can be done in person or via Skype or telephone)

-Unlimited phone and email support for a 3 week period

Baby Investment: $395. In person consultation is $475


Toddler package (19 months and up)

The Toddler Package is for kiddos 19 months of age and up.  In this package, my support is provided over a 4 week period, as toddlers are typically more strong-willed and require a little extra TLC and time to establish boundaries. At this age, our kids are learning all about boundaries, testing the waters and seeing just how far we’ll let them go with just about everything!  Although we might not realize it, structure and routine are crucial for our toddlers as it brings a sense of security and stability.  When sleep problems exist at this age, having clear consequences in place as well as rewards help us get them back on track with a healthy sleep schedule.

What’s included?

-Initial questionnaire to better get to know your child

-A customized sleep plan for your toddler

-A 1 hour consultation in order to go over the plan

-Unlimited phone and email support for 4 weeks

Toddler Investment: $450. An in person consultation is $525


Half night stay package

This package is designed for the family that would like a little extra support on the first night that the sleep plan is implemented. Included in this package is all that is included in The Baby Package. In addition, I will be with your family that first night between 5:30-11:30pm offering you guidance, support and feedback as you go through the process.

Total investment: Baby Package + $600

VIP Full night package

If the idea of doing that first night of sleep training is absolutely overwhelming, then this is the package for you! My full night package includes my full, undivided attention throughout the whole night of the first night that the sleep plan is implemented. I will be with you as you help your child learn the skills needed to sleep well, offering guidance, support and feedback. I will be able to also guide you through any night time wakings. I will be with your family from 5:30pm-5:30am. Additionally, you will have unlimited texting access from 6pm-10pm on the 2nd and 3rd night of the sleep plan. Included in this package is all that is included in the Baby Package.

Total investment: Baby Package + $1500

Note: I only offer full and half-night packages for the children 18 months and younger.

Advice Line

Not sure a full consultation is right for you? Whether you have already gotten through the sleep training process with your little one on your own, and would just like some support to tweak a few things, or feel that you know what to do but want some specific advice for your child’s sleep, this is a great option for you. Email me at to set up an advice call.

30 minute call: $49

60 minute call: $89


(Payment by cash or cheque is also available.)

If you would like to book a full-service consultation, please call me directly at (415) 691-1298 or email EMAIL ADELE!.
Adele Thompson
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant
San Francisco

P.S. If you’re not sure if a consultation is right for you, or if you have any questions at all about what’s included or how it works, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a FREE Discovery call by calling me at (415) 691-1298. This will give us the chance to chat a little bit about your child’s unique situation, and decide together if a full consultation is the right solution for your family.

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