Success Stories

ss_2The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:




My husband and I are expecting our first child any day now and we wanted to make sure that we start off with the best chance for a smooth transition to life with a newborn. To us, that meant getting the sleep we need to be able to take care of the new addition and help our little one develop a healthy sleep routine. So we chose the Prenatal/Newborn package and had our first consult with Adele a couple of weeks ago.  We didn’t really know what to expect, but were blown away with how informative our session was! Adele explains everything so well and really helped us understand how important it is to establish a healthy sleep routine early on.  She gave us very practical advice on how to actually start off our routine, but made sure we knew that it wasn’t critical that we stress over the little details. If something doesn’t work right away, we won’t panic, but we have goals of where we want to end up and how we will get there!  Knowing we can contact her when we have questions or concerns is extremely reassuring.  We are looking forward to our follow up calls in a few weeks and again in a few months, because we know Adele will help us keep on track with our goals and assist us with any difficulties we may have.  We are so thankful for the peace of mind that Adele has given us in a time when there are so many unknowns!

                -Ava and Zac (Prenatal/Newborn package)


“As we approached our twin’s first birthday, we were tired of operating in survival mode. We knew we had some tough habits to break (pacifier for one, middle of the night bottle for the other, running interference when one twin had a night waking to avoid waking the other), and were desperate for a full nights sleep and to have the evenings back to ourselves. We hired Adele and decided to ‘take back the night’!

 She joined us in our home and observed our nighttime routine. She proposed a plan and was open to our input and minor adjustments. She went above and beyond supporting us during our action plan. She was patient when colds threw a kink into our plans. 

 It was comforting to know we had an ace in the hole – our coach standing by to talk over the days efforts and adjust the plan as needed.

 Our twins go to sleep at night with little protest. They sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. WE sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. What a gift! We are still working on naps and know we have Adele standing by to lend advice as needed.”

                   – Jill & Derek  (parents to 13 month old twins, Mackenzie and Stella)


Prior to working with Adele, my baby (4 months) would only nap in his stroller or while being held. He also would wake up about every two hours after midnight. Within a few days of starting our personalized sleep training plan and follow up support, he was falling asleep on his own (after being placed in bed wide awake), and sleeping up to 9 hours at a time. It is a total life-changer.  I had tried sleep training on my own using knowledge I’d pieced together from reading different things. but having our own sleep coach with a comprehensive sleep plan was so much better. It was more effective, and I felt it was more fair to my baby – giving him the best possible opportunity to learn how to sleep well and receive the rest he needed.

                 – Stephanie B.

          Adele has been a great support to us in sleep training our son Everett. She is positive and listens to the                        situation we are in and provides techniques that help us lay the foundation for good sleeping. We never even            thought we needed a sleep coach but her support has been invaluable

                        – Jocelyn W. and 6 month old Everett



In addition, I’ve also included some letters written in by parents who have used Dana’s Sleep Sense™ Method in their homes so that you can see they had to say:

Dear Dana,

I just want to share that I am THRILLED with your program! We are now into the 2nd month and even in the very beginning he is sleeping 11-12+ hours straight through the night!

He has learned to put himself back to sleep and we never thought that would happen, it has been simply amazing! We used to be the parents who got no sleep, now our friends are jealous that he sleeps so many hours through the night and their child doesn’t!I brag to EVERYONE about how well he sleeps and that we have a life again!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I never dreamed I would sleep through the night for 8 hours again! You are awesome!


Dear Dana,

I purchased Sleep Sense A few weeks ago and I am absolutely satisfied. The change was INSTANT, the same night I started reading the book was the night he started sleeping better and he keeps improving.

My wife and I are also sleeping better and we a better parents for it as we are able to enjoy our new son. Thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend this system to any new parents

From 2 proud and well rested parents (and one cute little boy)

Jeff, Jodie & Jacob Carroll


Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7.15 pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings to ourselves again, and Tinius – who has always been a very happy boy – is even more happy now. It is now obvious to us that he didn’t get enough sleep before and that our difficulties getting him to sleep in the evenings were due to the fact that he was overly tired. Now we follow your advise on bedtime routines and everything else we learned from the sleep Sense program and are happy to say that your success rate is still 100% :-).

Best regards,

Karianne, Jarle and Tinius Wanggaard


I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to you. Your system is well explained and well researched and has worked wonders in our house. It is like Hana is saying ‘Thank You Mammy – i really needed this’, she is so happy since we began. We tell her it is ‘Sleepy Girl Time’ she knows what that means now and tucks her head into her blankey when we say it to her, ready for bed. She is so clever. We are going to stick to it for her sake and like the other parents you mentioned we are delighted with the time together we have now.

So once again, Thank You – keep doing what you are doing,

Fiona O’Connor
Kildare, Ireland


Hi Dana

You are a life saver!!!! Within 1,5 weeks of starting your program, Kaide is going down at 7:30 with no arguments, and he is managing to put himself back to sleep within 10 minutes, he is also having two nice sleeps in the day. I am a totally different person, and our relationship has improved tenfold.

After having just accepted that this was to be my lot in life, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to survive on between 3 and 5 hours sleep a night. I have my own business, which means if I loaf, I don’t get paid, so sleeping in the day is out of the question. Kaide is with me all day and would only sleep for 30 minutes once a day, so as you can imagine, I could not function to full capacity at all.

We got advice from everyone, and tried everything, but all people could say was, “you made your bed, now lie in it.” Everyone knew the problem, but no-one could give us a solution, even the doctors. That is until I stumbled upon your website. You made it so easy.

Our history with Kaide was the cause of the problem. When he was born, his Dad and I were building a lodge in the Kruger National Park. Seeing as the house we were in was the only accommodation at the time, we had to share it with builders, plumbers, head office staff etc etc, with up to 14 people sleeping in a three bedroom house with us and our 6 week old baby.

Kaide also had colic, and as I was the only one who never had to do heavy work, it was my duty to keep the little guy quiet when he awoke in pain, so everyone else could get a decent nights sleep. I would sit up all night with him to keep him quiet, and pass out at about 5am. During the day he would only sleep for 6 minutes at a time, so there was no time for me to sleep then either. As he got older we found that if he went down before 8pm he would wake at 9:30, and would not go back down until 12:00. If we put him down at 9pm, he would sleep till 8am, but still he awoke at least 5 times a night and needed me.

Having become so accustomed to rocking and shushing him back to sleep, when he awoke in the night, that is exactly what I would do. Not realizing that this was not actually what was expected of me, that my child would not despise me, or worse end up with a low IQ from screaming. I definitely suffered with depression and only now can I see how badly. I was starting to lose it, and Kaide and I were not enjoying one another at all. Your program has given us back our lives, and has recreated that special bond that I lost with my child.

Thank you so much

Gary, Candice and Kaide